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If your water is flowing slowly or you smell something awful and can't pinpoint where it's coming from, a llow us to inspect your lines and evaluate the problem. Water Line Leaks can leak in your yard, wall or even under your sink or in the basement. Our team has years of experience to draw on to make your needed repair every time. Call today for a FREE estimate for sewer or water service repairs.

Get affordable plumbing services anytime you choose our experts, with over 30 years of experience.


Backflow in your drains can be a major problem. Get rest assured knowing we are backflow certified by the State of Ohio and registered in Central Ohio and its suburbs to repair any type of unit.


We have the right parts to install and repair the small 3/8 inch backflow and also maintain 6 and 8 inch units often used in commercial and industrial locations.

Depend on the right equipment

At Davey Drain, we have our own backhoe, dump truck, and other excavation equipment needed for plumbing and underground leaks and repairs. For your convenience, we offer excavation services, and sewer and water line repairs. We'll get any job done right the first time.


Not only do we handle water leaks, we also can banish and repair gas leaks.

Stop leaks in their tracks

Many things block, restrict, or damage water and sewer lines. Shifting soil or freezing ground can crack or pipes, while grease build-up, paper, and waste can inhibit flow. Even old pipes can be a problem.



Let us diagnose the issue

Have your sewer and water lines flowing free

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